Eat sustainable seafood

Choosing products with the MSC blue label allows you to enjoy eating seafood in the knowledge you have made a positive choice to support well-managed, sustainable fisheries. These fisheries are pioneering new ways to conserve the marine environment.

By buying fish from sustainable fisheries you’re encouraging more retailers to stock sustainably-sourced seafood and more fisheries to improve and become certified.
500 tuna cut

A foodie's guide to tuna

How a staple can be a gourmet dish.

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gin cured salmon with pickled cucumber

A foodie's guide to salmon

A comprehensive guide to the world's most popular fish.

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Fish on barbecue grill with potatoes

A foodie’s guide to barbecue fish

The best fish for cooking outside and how to cook them.

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Fish cakes on wooden board with lemon and lime pieces and tomatoes on tablecloth

Five tinned fish recipes

Great, easy dishes you can make using tinned fish.

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Person's hands stirring a pot of ready-to-serve mussels with a spoon

Sustainable seafood recipes

How to cook delicious, sustainable seafood

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Person's hands holding MSC certified frozen fish product over seafood filled freezer

Why choose the blue label?

10 reasons to choose the MSC label

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Lentil salad with tinned herring, in a bowl on a wooden table

Five ways to help oceans

Play your part for ocean health from your kitchen

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Table of ingredients (centre left) with chefs chopping food (right)

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