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Use our teaching and learning resources to discover how we can help keep our oceans healthy for generations to come.

The Ocean sustains our whole planet. It contributes to the air we breathe, the food we eat, the livelihoods of millions of people and so much more. And yet the health of our Ocean is under threat from global warming and human activities such as overfishing.

It's time to act NOW to protect the Ocean for future generations. Take the plunge and make a pledge TODAY to protect this vast, irreplaceable ecosystem that sustains us all!

Three things you can do to protect our ocean

  1. Inspire younger generations to learn more about the ocean and how they can protect it
  2. Promote ocean literacy in my classroom, finding ways to make the ocean relevant to the curriculum I teach and the materials I use
  3. Show younger generations how sustainable fishing helps protecting our ocean
Kahoot quiz: It All Starts in the Ocean

Kahoot quiz: It All Starts in the Ocean

Play the quiz to find out more about our Ocean and think about the action we can take to protect it.
If you are a teacher and you have already a login to the Kahoot platform and you want to create your classroom challenge, follow this link.

Activities for young children

Meet the Wild Ocean Explorers, who are ready to take children under eight on trip to the ocean with our fun and creative activities.
Activities for young children
Learning resources for 10-15s

Learning resources for 10-15s

Browse our selection of curriculum-linked lesson plans and resources for geography and science classrooms, from worksheets and photos to fact sheets and discussion topics.

If you're in Australia or New Zealand, discover a range of localised teacher and parent resources.


My dad the fisherman

My dad the fisherman

“A professionally produced topical video with some simple to use lesson plans that ensures anyone (young or old) who watches it begins to understand the concept of ocean sustainability as well as the roles of fishermen”

Geographical Association

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