Submitting a complaint

If you would like to make a complaint about the conduct of the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) in managing its certification program, the process of setting its standards, or any other area of operation, you can do so via the MSC Complaints Procedure, which can be found below.

Complaints should be submitted in writing using the MSC Notice of Complaint Form. When your complaint is received, we will check it to ensure that it is within the scope of our Complaints Procedure, and will inform you of whether or not your complaint has been accepted as meeting the criteria for investigation. If we need more information to determine whether we can accept your complaint, we will give you the opportunity to re-submit.

Please refer to the section below for types of complaints that cannot be handled using the MSC Complaints Procedure. 

If your complaint meets our criteria, we will form a Complaint Panel from MSC staff and/or the Chairman of the Board of Trustees. The Panel will include an investigator, who will objectively analyse and assess the complaint. The Investigator may contact you to request additional information during this time. 

The Investigator will report to the Panel, who will recommend to the MSC Executive Committee whether the complaint should or should not be upheld. If the Executive Committee is unable to reach agreement, the MSC Board of Trustees will make a final decision. If your complaint is upheld, the MSC will formulate a corrective action plan to ensure that the cause of the complaint is addressed. If your complaint is not upheld, the MSC may still formulate an improvement plan to address any issues identified during the investigation.

You will be notified of the outcome of the investigation, including any accompanying corrective action plan or improvement plan. If applicable, we will then contact you a final time to inform you when the corrective action plan or improvement plan has been completed. 
MSC Complaints Procedure
Description: This document details the process for submitting complaints about the MSC program.

Language: English
Version: 2.10
Date of Issue: 20 February 2018
Date effective: 20 February 2018
MSC Notice of Complaint Form
Description: This document is to be used for submitting complaints about the MSC program.

Language: English
Date of Issue: 20 February 2018
Date effective: 20 February 2018

Other types of complaint

Issues that should not be submitted via the MSC Complaints Procedure.

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