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Fishery Improvement Tools

The MSC has a number of improvement tools to support fisheries world wide progress towards MSC certification:

Boats on beach MaldivesPre-assessment template >

An MSC pre-assessment provides a determination of how a fishery performs against the MSC Standard. This allows for gaps in performance to be outlined. The process for undertaking an MSC pre-assessment is described in the MSC Fisheries Certification Requirements.

Action Plan Template Guidance

Fishery Improvement Action Plan Tool >

To report and develop an action plan for improvement and address the gaps in your fishery's performance.



BMT v2 cover

Benchmarking and Tracking Tool (BMT) >

To benchmark the performance of your fishery as it improves towards meeting the MSC Fisheries Standard.



Partnering for Sustainable Fisheries

Partnering for Sustainable Fisheries Tool >

A guide on how to develop and work in partnerships with key stakeholders, covering the resources, funds, knowledge, skills and experience needed to support fisheries improving towards MSC certification.

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