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MSC Board of Trustees

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The Board of Trustees sets the strategic direction of the MSC, monitors progress and ensures the MSC meets its objectives. It is the governing body of the MSC, meets 4 times a year and has a maximum of 15 members. The Board is advised by the MSC Technical Advisory Board and Stakeholder Advisory Council.

Find out who is on the MSC Board of Trustees.

What does the MSC Board do?

The main activities are:

  • Ensuring the MSC meets its charitable aims
  • Approving and implementing the strategic direction of the MSC
  • Ensuring that the MSC is financially secure
  • Appointing new Board members and key MSC staff
  • Appointing members of the Technical Advisory Board
  • Publicly accounting for expenditure and income

How is the MSC Board organised? 

The Chair leads the Board and is elected for a non-fixed term. The current Chair of the MSC Board is Werner Kiene. Two further trustees are elected as Vice-Chair, and Chair of the Finance Committee. The Chair of the Technical Advisory Board and both Co-chairs of the Stakeholder Advisory Council have a seat on the Board to ensure that these important governance bodies are represented in Board decisions.  The Chair of the MSCI Board is also an ex officio member of the Board of Trustees

Appointments to the Board

Trustees are chosen for their knowledge, expertise and support for the MSC. There is no formal membership structure, but it is recognised that the Board should be balanced with representatives from different sectors and geographical regions (as well as other relevant demographic criteria) to reflect the broad mix of people who have a stake in the MSC's mission.

Trustees are nominated in a personal capacity, not as representatives of their organisations. They serve a maximum three-year term and may stand for reappointment.

The MSC adopted a revised Board Nominations Protocol in 2013.  Potential new Board members are identified by existing members, and following an internal review process, suitable nominees are approached for interview. Favourable references must be provided, and there must be consensus amongst all Board members on the appointment of a new candidate.

Further information

Please email , Governance Secretary, for further information on the MSC Board of Trustees.

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