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MSC Stakeholder Advisory Council

Following an independent governance review in June 2017, the MSC Board of Trustees decided to disestablish the MSC’s longstanding Stakeholder Council.  In its place, it has appointed a new Stakeholder Advisory Council (STAC), which will continue to provide critical stakeholder perspectives and advice to the Technical Advisory Board and the Board.

In establishing this new body, the Board is clear that its objectives are to deepen the engagement of MSC’s stakeholders, now and into the future, building on the success of the Stakeholder Council.  The Board wants to ensure that the knowledge, experience and commitment of all who contribute to MSC’s mission can be harnessed in the most effective and efficient way.

The Council’s members reflect diverse experiences, geographies and interests in relation to the work of the MSC. The Stakeholder Advisory Council meets at least once per year. 

The Stakeholder Advisory Council is a formal channel through which all stakeholders, whether members of the Stakeholder Advisory Council or not, can provide their views to the MSC.

Members of the MSC Stakeholder Advisory Council >

What does the Stakeholder Advisory Council do?

The main functions of the Stakeholder Advisory Council are to:  

  • Provide views, advice, recommendations and informed opinions to the MSC Board of Trustees on the MSC’s Fishery and Chain of Custody Standards and their implementation and application through the MSC program.
  • Provide strategic and tactical advice on other functions of the organisation, including where appropriate, the commercial, development, outreach and communications programs.
  • Provide advice and views on existing and emerging issues which may affect the ability of the MSC to implement its program and achieve its strategic goals, and to bring new issues to the MSC for consideration that may affect the MSC’s ability to achieve its mission.
  • Address and give views on specific matters on which the Board of Trustees requests advice.    

The Stakeholder Advisory Council submits its views to the MSC Board, which considers this input when making decisions.

How is the MSC Stakeholder Advisory Council organised?

Appointed by the Board of Trustees, the Stakeholder Advisory Council comprises up to seventeen members, six of whom are from the seafood industry (processing or harvest), six of whom are from the conservation community; and two from the market sector. Within this membership, the MSC strives to ensure adequate representation from developing world and small-scale fishery interests. The remaining three seats on the Council are undesignated, and used to ensure a balanced membership in the light of the MSC’s strategic objectives.

The Stakeholder Council has two Co-Chairs, serving 3-year terms, and these are arranged so that  the Co-Chairs have staggered appointments. Each Co-Chair serves as an ex-officio member of the MSC Board of Trustees. 

Read the statement from the MSC Board >

Further information

Please email Karolina Walkowicz, MSC Governance Secretary for further information on the MSC Stakeholder Council.

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