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Who's on the Stakeholder Council?

StC Group

Back row (left to right) : John Goodlad, Libby Woodhatch, Eddie Hegerl, Mike Mitchell, David Graham, Simon Rilatt, Alfred Schumm, 2nd Row, Annie Jarret, Roy Bross, Patricia Majiluf, Margaret Wittenberg, Christina Burridge, Martin Hall, 1st Row: Bill Wareham, Abdul Ghofar, Jens-Peter Klausen, Guy Leyland, Nancy Gitonga, Dierk Peters, Front Row : Eyiwunmi Falaye, Christine Penney, Jim Gilmore, Kevin Hackwell, Luis Bourillon, Yorgos Stratoudakis.

The Stakeholder Council is made up of 2 categories. The list below shows the current members in each group, and their dates of joining.

Public interest category

Peter Trott, Co-Chair - WWF Australia (April 2012)
Dr Luis Bourillón - Community and Biodiversity, Mexico
Prof Eyiwunmi Falaye - University of Ibadan, Nigeria
Nancy Gitonga - FishAfrica, Kenya (December 2007)
Dr. Martin Hall - Inter-American Tropical Tuna Commission (August, 2010)
Eddie Hegerl - Marine Ecosystem Policy Advisors P/L, Australia (April 2006)
Dr Patricia Majluf - Cayetano Heredia University, Peru (August, 2010)
Dr Dierk Peters - WWF / Unilever
Alfred Schumm - WWF (October 2005)
Dr Yorgos Stratoudakis - IPIMAR, Portugal (August 2010)
Dr Abdul Ghofar - University of Diponegoro, Indonesia (January 2012)
Dr Alasdair Harris
- Blue Ventures, Madagascar  (April 2012)
Guillermo Canete
- FVSA, Argentina (April 2012)
Meghan Jeans
- New England Aquarium, US (September 2012)
Rory Crawford - Birdlife International/RSPB, UK (July 2014)
Dr Patrick McConney - University of West Indies, Barbados (July 2014)
Prof Yvonne Sadovy - University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong (July 2014)
Dr Gaku Ishimura - Iwate University, Japan (September 201`4) 

Commercial and socio-economic category

Christine Penney Co-Chair - Clearwater Seafoods, Canada (June 2007)
Christina Burridge - BC Seafood Alliance, Canada (December 2009)
Peter Dill - Deutschesee, Germany (March 2008)
Jim Gilmore - At-sea Processors Association, US
John Goodlad - Shetland Catch (August 2010)
David Graham - Birdseye Igloo (March 2008)
Annie Jarrett
- Pro-Fish Pty Ltd, Australia and Australian fishing industry
Morten Jensen - Aker Seafoods, Norway (March 2008)
Jens Peter Klausen - J.P. Klausen & Co. A/S, Denmark (January 2006)
Guy Leyland - Western Australia Fishing Industry Council Inc (October 2005)
Mike Mitchell - Youngs Bluecrest, UK (March 2008)
Simon Rilatt -
Trident (April 2009)
Niels Wichmann
- Danish Fishermen's Association (August, 2010)
Margaret Wittenberg - Whole Foods Market, US
Libby Woodhatch - Seafood Scotland, UK (May 2008)
Eduardo Gonzalez-Lemmi -
San Arawa (April 2012)
Ivan Lopez
- Pesquera Ancora SL, Spain (October 2013)
Stefanie Moreland - Trident Seafoods, US (June 2015)
Johann Augustyn - South African Deep Sea Trawling Industry Association, South Africa (June 2015) 
George Clement - Deepwater Group (June 2015) 

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