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MSC Technical Advisory Board

 TAB - group
The MSC Technical Advisory Board (TAB) advises the MSC Board on technical and scientific matters. The TAB has 15 seats and meets at least once a year.

What does the Technical Advisory Board do?

The main activities include:

  • advising the MSC Board on the MSC Standards
  • maintaining documents relating to the MSC Standards
  • developing methodologies for certification and accreditation
  • reviewing the progress of fisheries certifications and providing advice on these.

How is the Technical Advisory Board appointed?

Existing TAB members propose new TAB members and recommend them to the MSC Board. The Board appoints new members, with the aim of bringing a range of experience, skills and geographical representation to the TAB. TAB members are nominated in a personal capacity not as representatives of their organisations. Members serve a 3-year term and may stand for reappointment.

TAB appoints its own Chair. The Chair has a seat on the MSC Board so is involved, on behalf of TAB, in all Board activity. The current Chair of the TAB is Christopher Zimmermann, appointed in December 2010.

Further information

For further information on the MSC Technical Advisory Board and its activities please contact , Governance Secretary.

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