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Fisheries Certification Requirements

The MSC Certification Requirements for fisheries set out how third-party conformity assessment bodies (CABs) assess a fishery against the MSC Fisheries Standard.

The Certification Requirements are developed to ensure consistent application and delivery of the MSC scheme. The requirements were updated and published on 1 October 2014 following the MSC's two-year Fisheries Standard Review. The new Certification Requirements (version 2.0) became effective on 1 April 2015.

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The requirements consist of three documents:

General Certification Requirements and Guidance (GCR-GGCR)

These set out the steps that accredited certifcation bodies must follow to undertake assessments against the MSC Fisheries and Chain of Custody Standards.

Fisheries Certification Requirements (FCR)

These set out how the MSC fisheries standard should be applied when assessing fisheries for MSC certification. The FCR details the steps of the assessment process as well as the default assessment tree, which is used to score fisheries.

Guidance to the MSC Fisheries Certification Requirements (GFCR)

This helps certification bodies interpret the FCR, with detailed explanations of specific clauses, including examples and options for different fishery situations.

The requirements are structured in sequence based on the International Organization for Standardization's (ISO) Guide 17065, the international standard for certification systems.

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