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Benefits of MSC certification

Benefits of MSC certification

Achieving certification to the MSC Fisheries Standard validates the efforts made by your fishery to ensure the long term sustainability of marine environments. By ensuring your fishing practices are sustainable you will be helping to secure jobs and fishing-based economies for the future. You could also enhance your reputation and secure new business opportunities.

Potential benefits include:

  • Sustainable fisheries
  • Reputation enhanced
  • Livelihoods protected
  • Access to new markets
  • Existing markets secured
  • Possible price premiums
  • Promotional opportunities

Fisheries' experiences

“We are certain that we have made the right decision in applying for assessment as the MSC standard is considered the world’s most rigorous and comprehensive set of criteria for sustainable fishing and the MSC ecolabel has a high level of acceptance and recognition.” - Marcin Radkowski, president of the Kołobrzeska Grupa Producentów Ryb 

“Ecolabelling is becoming increasingly important. We believe an external audit of our fisheries and management systems will increase our credibility in the market place and at the same time contribute to preventing any disadvantageous development in the fisheries.”  Audun Maråk, Managing Director, Fiskebåt, Norway

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