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Benefits of MSC certification

header banner for benefits of certification, showing supermarket fresh fish counter  Demand for sustainable seafood is increasing around the world with traceability high on the agenda.

By buying and selling MSC certified sustainable seafood you’re supporting fishing communities working hard to end overfishing. You're also allowing your customers to make a positive choice and together securing seafood supplies for now and the future.

Key benefits

Thousands of organisations have already chosen MSC Chain of Custody certification, because:

1. Satisfy increased consumer demand for traceability accessing new and existing markets and customers

2. Choose certified seafood from over 200 fisheries around the world representing over 100 species

3. Promotional opportunities through joint marketing initiatives

4. Enhanced reputation as certified sustainable to the world's leading seafood traceability standard

5. Securing seafood supplies for today and tomorrow.

Supply chain experiences

“Using the blue MSC label educates and involves our customers in protecting ocean ecosystems for future generations.” Susan Forsell, vice president sustainability, McDonald’s USA

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