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FIUN Barents and Norwegian Seas cod and haddock fishery earns MSC certification

June 25, 2013

The Fishing Industry Union of the North (FIUN) Barents and Norwegian Seas cod and haddock fishery has today been certified against the MSC standard for sustainable fisheries. Products from the FIUN fishery will be eligible to carry the internationally recognized blue MSC ecolabel. The MSC certificate was issued by Food Certification International LTD.

About the fishery

The fishery comprises 31 vessels ranging from 34 meters to 94 meters, fishing year round. Fishing takes place inside the Barents and Norwegian seas at ICES Areas Ia,Ib, IIa and IIb; within coastal waters inside the Norwegian and Russian Exclusive Economic Zones,  and international waters. 37 Per cent of the total fishery volume of the Murmansk region can be subscribed to the FIUN fishery.
The FIUN supports social programs in the region as well as scientific research such by PINRO, SevPINRO, MMBI and others.

Preserving resources for future generations

Olga Pokrovskaya, FIUN coordinator for the certification process says: “Now that we have acquired the MSC certificate, we have every right to feel ourselves full members of the world trade society. The Barents Sea has always been the pride of our region and the meaning of life for us. Our main target is to preserve its resources for generations to come. That is why we pay this much attention to being a sustainable fishery. We are delighted to become MSC certified and look forward continuing our business and saving the biological diversity of our region.”

Sound management

Camiel Derichs, MSC Regional Director Europe says: “I congratulate the FIUN cod and haddock fishery with their MSC certification. This fishery benefits from sound management of the Barents Sea cod and haddock resources by Russian and Norwegian Authorities. This results in healthy stock levels and moderate fishing pressure. The fishery also has some conditions which ensure that it will continue to improve its performance. These conditions should lead to better understanding of the impacts of this fishery on the seabed and, where necessary, measures to reduce impacts. Cod and haddock are much sought after species in the global whitefish markets and I’m looking forward to seeing the first MSC labeled product from this fishery enter the shelves”.    

More Information about the MSC

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