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IKEA becomes the first retailer in Indonesia to offer an MSC certified menu

IKEA Indonesia has succeeded in meeting sustainable supply chain standards, becoming the first retailer in the country to receive MSC Chain of Custody certification for salmon products and ASC certification for tilapia products.

Sustainable seafood products will now be served at the country’s four IKEA outlets: Alam Sutera, Jakarta Garden City, Sentul City and Kota Baru Parahyangan.

The MSC Chain of Custody Standard requires the segregation and labelling of products from certified sustainable fisheries throughout the supply chain. At IKEA Indonesia, coordination and training began in 2020, with a successful audit taking place in late 2021. IKEA made its first commitment to responsibly sourced seafood in 2015.

Food Safety Manager IKEA Indonesia, Padma Rizki Dwi said:

“Currently, there are still many problems that surround the fishing industry for food, especially the problem of overfishing. We continue to strive to create a better everyday life for many people by providing food products that are environmentally friendly and processed in a socially and environmentally responsible manner,” she said.

“This certification is a testament to our support for the fishing industry, marine ecosystems, fishers and fish farmers, so we can proudly serve food made from MSC and ASC certified catches.”

Hirmen Syofyanto, Program Director of the Marine Stewardship Council said:

“The success of IKEA Indonesia in obtaining CoC indicates that the industry and the domestic market are starting to develop in a sustainable direction. Congratulations once again to IKEA; now Indonesian consumers have easy access to enjoy sustainable seafood. We welcome the achievements and are open to other collaborations to maintain and develop this initiative. We also hope that IKEA Indonesia's concern will raise awareness and concern from other companies to strive to the future of our ocean, and ensure that what is given to their customers is a delicious and sustainable product."

The GlobeScan and MSC 2022 Global Consumer Survey shows growing consumer awareness of the MSC label, up to 48% of seafood consumers in general. 78% of seafood consumers who know of the MSC say they trust the label.