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Raymond Blanc’s trio of fish tales reaches its climax

May 8, 2014

The third instalment of Raymond Blanc’s series of private eye films hits the screens today. Since January, ‘Inspector Blanc’ has investigated the curious cases of the Fish in the Canteen and Seafood Sabotage! Over 20,000 people saw the films online with students from 22 MSC certified universities among them. The latest film see the intrepid inspector investigate the Curious Case of the Fish out of Water.

Behind the Inspector Clouseau-style silliness, is a serious message. Since he first arrived in the UK, Raymond has campaigned for sustainable fishing and his restaurant, the Michelin-starred Belmond Le Manoir Aux Quat’ Saisons is the only two starred restaurant that is Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certified. By making the films, Raymond hopes to highlight the importance of sustainable fishing and a simple way to choose sustainable fish.

Raymond explained: “Fish is a subject close to my heart. Many of the great dishes are based around fish and it is essential that we source them sustainably. I want to encourage other chefs, whether they are in top restaurants or the family chef making some dinner, to choose sustainable fish. To choose MSC certified, because that way, you know the fish is sustainable.”

MSC’s Toby Middleton said: “Anyone who has seen Raymond on TV will know he has great comic timing, he’s a natural to play Inspector Clouseau. ‘Inspector Blanc’, private investigator takes a light hearted look at a serious topic and helps illustrate the importance of sustainable sourcing. I hope these films will prove inspirational for the food industry, encouraging others to follow his lead and consider how they source their seafood to protect the future of our oceans.”

The third instalment can be seen online from 8th May at

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