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MSC Science Series, free open access library on fisheries science

MSC Science Series, free open access library on fisheries science

MSC launches fisheries science research library

Nov 20, 2013

The MSC has launched a new online fisheries science research library, MSC Science Series, which will provide open access to the science that underpins the MSC standards.

The series will present the latest research on issues relating to fishery resources, marine habitats, ecosystems and other key topics. The platform will serve as a knowledge sharing space, where stakeholders with an interest in sustainable fishing practices, will be able to access the research for free.

The first volume explores the impacts of harvesting low trophic level species that form the basis of our marine ecosystems, as food and energy sources for other species. It also reviews global best practice on different ecosystem-based models and evaluates how different harvest strategies on low trophic level fisheries impact on target stocks, as well as the predators that depend on them.

MSC Standards Director, Dr David Agnew said: "Effective research and robust science are fundamental to the work we do at the MSC. It helps ensure our policy development and standard setting reflect the most current and recognised scientific understanding. It is also vital that the work we produced is shared, in order to reinforce research capacity and information transfer to a wider scientific understanding and engagement on fish stocks, fisheries management best practice and seafood certification."

MSC Science Series publishes bi-annually and the next volume is expected summer 2014.

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