Otto Goh

Born and raised in Malaysia, Otto Goh possesses a deep knowledge of culinary culture and infuses flavours from his global background into his creations.

Across a 25-year career in the kitchen, Chef Otto's innovative approach to food has won him numerous awards. In 2018, he was named one of "Asia’s 50 Gourmet" by Tatler magazine. He has been Executive Chef of Kerry Hotel Pudong in Shanghai, China, for 10 years.

Chef Otto is a contributor to the MSC's Blue Cookbook

Portrait of chef Otto Goh

Chef Otto

When and how did sustainability first become important to you?

It is my responsibility as a chef to use sustainable seafood. By doing so, we all do our bit to protect marine species in the long run.

You selected steamed halibut with rice wine for the Blue Cookbook. Why?

One of the reasons I like working with halibut fillet is because it is one of the best value-for-money products. After cooking, the fish is still very tender and full of flavour. I want to introduce Chinese-style cooking to those outside China. I often cook halibut using a very simple Chinese method from Zhejiang province. The fish fillet is steamed with Chinese rice wine and wolfberries – the rice wine and wolfberries bring some sweetness to this dish and it is easy for anyone to cook and prepare. It is a great dish that can be served with a bowl of steamed rice as a main course.

What is it that you love about the species that is in this dish?

I like wild halibut from the deep ocean. It contains more omega oils and it makes the texture silkier.

You use seafood that is sustainably, ethically and locally sourced. What made you get involved with the MSC?

I believe that if every chef just made a small effort to support the Marine Stewardship Council, it could become an even greater success in the future. Firstly, it should start with me playing my part in keeping to these rules. I strongly encourage the use of natural products like wild-caught seafood.

How has living in China changed your way of cooking seafood?

In China we have more choice to select how to cook our seafood in different ways, especially fish cooked in a spicy hot pot from Chongqing. The trend of sustainable seafood has increased over the [last] year.

The Blue Cookbook

The Blue Cookbook

10 amazing chefs from around the world help you cook their delicious, healthy and future-friendly recipes at home. With key species facts to help you make the right seafood choices.

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