Consultation on Review of the Fisheries Standard

Stakeholders are at the heart of our Fisheries Standard Review, helping identify issues, develop solutions and test the possible impacts of any proposed changes.

We are holding a series of consultations throughout 2020 and 2021 for stakeholders to take part in the development of the Fisheries Standard. Stakeholders will be able to review the revised Standard in 2022. 

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About the consultation period

The focus in 2020 and 2021 will be on agreeing what the Standard is trying to achieve in any specific area where changes could be made and to develop policy options for each issue under review.

If a revised Standard is proposed, the focus in 2022 will be on reviewing the new document.

Consultation events

Currently there are no open consultation activities. 

Between June and August 2020, we held eleven virtual consultation workshops and four surveys to seek stakeholder input into the projects that are likely to deliver changes to the intent or high impact changes to the Fisheries Standard requirements. All Fisheries Standard Review projects will have at least one public consultation before the review is completed. 

The 2020 consultations focused on the following projects:

Overall, the workshops were attended by 190 stakeholders from a range of sectors and regions. We also received 278 responses from stakeholders who participated in consultation surveys.

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Consultation summary reports

We will produce consultation summary reports for each project. The reports will contain an overview of the topics and descriptive analyses of the participating stakeholder groups. Reports will also contain a transcript of the workshop discussions and feedback from surveys with individual names, organisations and any defamatory or commercially sensitive material redacted.

The consultation summary reports will be published in October 2020. 

Next steps

We are currently reviewing all feedback received from the consultation workshops and surveys. Input from stakeholders, together with independent research and internal data analysis, is being used to develop policy options for each issue under review. We will also carry out impact assessments on all proposed changes. This will provide comparable information on the potential or expected impacts of the options considered and help to increase transparency around decision-making.

We will engage with stakeholders in 2021 to continue to develop policy options. In early 2022, the revised Standard will be publicly reviewed to ensure changes are clear and that the new Standard delivers the intentions of our program.

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Fisheries Standard Review Consultation Launch

Virtual conference

In May 2020, we held a virtual conference for the Fisheries Standard Review Consultation Launch.

The MSC's Chief Science and Standards Officer, Dr Rohan Currey, outlined the current Fisheries Standard Review and answered questions on all areas under consideration for revision. 

Project leads from Science and Standards also discussed the key issues under review in each of the three Principles of the MSC Fisheries Standard. Each talk was followed by a live Question and Answer session.

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The Fisheries Standard Review

Every five years the MSC initiates a Fisheries Standard Review (FSR) to help us ensure our assessment and certification system remains the leading measure of fisheries sustainability.

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