A smartphone app to identify protected species

VisNed and The Joint Demersal Fisheries

Amount awarded: £50,000

This project is researching a smart way to register endangered species enountered by fisheries. 

This multinational group of fisheries is working to further develop the smartphone app Mofi, which is used to track fisheries movements.

Developments aim to provide evidence of fisheries avoiding vulnerable marine ecosystems (VMEs) and increase the quality of species data. Fisheries will be able to document “interesting finds” through photography uploads. The app will be multilingual, making it accessible to fisheries around the globe.   

It is important for fisheries to accurately report their interactions with endangered, threatened and protected species (ETP). But this is often constrained by crew workload, species misidentification and physical lists being lost or damaged at sea. 

The funding will provide an easy-to-use app that can be used to register interactions with endangered, threatened and protected species. The proliferation of digital technologies is really transforming our ability to understand the interactions between fisheries and the ecosystem.

Wouter van Broekhoven VisNed
Indonesian handline fisher

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