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Position: Principle Scientist
Department: Science & Standards
Division: Science & Research


Research interests

Climate Change, Data Limited Methods for fisheries management, Impact Assessments.

Katie on ResearchGate

As Principal Scientist, Katie focuses on MSC’s strategic research projects, and leads research on how fisheries may adapt in the face of climate change.  
She works with the MSC team of data scientists and researchers, and together they explore and strengthen the scientific evidence that supports our program. 
Katie has expertise in market-based incentives, data-poor fisheries assessments, impact assessments and measures of biodiversity. 
Katie has a broad range of interests across multiple disciplines, with the common thread of finding new and better ways to use available science to inform marine management and sustainable seafood markets.  
Previously, as Project Scientist at The National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis (NCEAS), University of California Santa Barbara (UCSB), Katie contributed to the creation of the Ocean Health Index - a framework for the assessment of the delivery of sustainable societal goals from healthy oceans. 
Over the past decade her projects, in collaboration with researchers around the world, included developing tools to better manage fisheries that are data limited, and forensic techniques to monitor seafood traceability.   
Ph.D. (2012) in Fishing and Fisheries Sciences Management, University of Aberdeen.  

Thesis - “Predator-prey interactions and indicators of the impact of fisheries on fish species diversity”.  

MSc. & BSc. (2004) in Integrated Ecology, Evolution, Systematics and Population Biology, University of Rome – Sapienza.  

Thesis - "Feeding ecology and reproductive biology of Argentina sphyraena and Glossanodon leioglossus (Teleostea, Argentinidae) in the Central Tyrrhenian Sea".  

Recent research

Drivers of success, speed and performance in fisheries moving towards Marine Stewardship Council certification  

Dec 2023 ˑ Fish and Fisheries 


Jennifer Rasal, Michael Melnychuk, Amanda Lejbowicz, Carlos Montero-Castaño, Sophie Ferber, Catherine Longo

Drivers of conflict and resilience in shifting transboundary fisheries  

July 2023 ˑ Marine Policy 155(4)  

DOI: 10.1016/j.marpol.2023.105740

Jacqueline M Vogel, Catherine Longo, Jessica Spijkers, Juliano Palacios Abrantes, Julia Mason, Colette CC Wabnitz, William Cheung, Rashid Sumaila, Gordon Munro, Sarah Glase, Johann D. Bell, Yongchun Tian, Nancy Shackell, Elizabeth R Selig, Philippe Le Billon, James Reginald Watson, Cullen Hendrix, Malin L Pinsky, Ingrid van putten, Kendra Karr, Eva A. Papaioannou, Rod Fujita. 

Corrected numbers and assumptions for understanding MSC certified fishery withdrawals: Commentary on Pierucci et al.  

June 2023 ˑ Marine Policy 155  

DOI: 10.1016/j.marpol.2023.105683  

Samantha Lees, Catherine Longo, Michael Melnychuk, Polly Burns, Beth Polidoro. 

Identifying sustainability priorities among value chain actors in artisanal common octopus fisheries  

March 2023 ˑ Reviews in Fish Biology and Fisheries 33(2)  

DOI: 10.1007/s11160-023-09768-5  

Gillian B Ainsworth, Pablo Pita, Cristina Pita, Katina Roumbedakis, Graham John Pierce, Catherine Longo, Gregory M Verutes, Tereza Pilar Fonseca, Daniela Pio Castelo, Carlos Montero-Castaño, Julio Valeiras, Francisco Rocha, Laura García de la Fuente, José Luis Acuña, M. del Pino Fernández Rueda, Alberto Garazo Fabregat, Alberto Martín-Aristín, Sebastian Villasante. 

Disentangling global market drivers for cephalopods to foster transformations towards sustainable seafood systems  

February 2023 ˑ People and Nature  

DOI: 10.1002/pan3.10442  

Gillian B Ainsworth, Pablo Pita, João Garcia Rodrigues, Cristina Pita, Katina Roumbedakis, Tereza Pilar Fonseca, Daniela Pio Castelo, Catherine Longo, Anne Marie Power, Graham John Pierce, Sebastian Villasante. 

Quantifying fish range shifts across poorly defined management boundaries

January 2023 ˑ PLoS ONE 18(1):e0279025  

DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0279025  

Juliano Palacios Abrantes, Scott Crosson, Chris Dumas, Rod Fujita, Arielle Sarah Levine, Catherine Longo, Olaf Jensen. 

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