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Changing behaviour

The MSC’s certification and ecolabelling program enables everybody to play a part in securing a healthy future for our oceans.

When you buy a product with the blue MSC label, you’re part of a virtuous circle that’s helping to protect the productivity and health of our oceans, and the livelihoods that depend upon them.

Cycle of change graphic showing how the MSC works with fisheries, suppliers and retailers to encourage a more sustainable seafood market

MSC labelled products can be traced back to fisheries that have been independently certified as sustainable. These fisheries are ensuring that the fish populations and the ecosystems on which they depend remain healthy and productive, now and in the future.

As more consumers, restaurants, retailers and processors choose MSC certified seafood, other fisheries are encouraged into assessment. Many make improvements in the way they fish the oceans in order to achieve certification. This is where real and lasting change can be delivered.

As supplies of sustainable seafood continue to grow, market awareness, demand and commitments to sustainable sourcing also increase. We hope this expanding cycle of supply and demand will ultimately lead to sustainable seafood becoming the norm. 

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