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Introducing MSC

Download electronic versions of brochures about the MSC, including our annual reports from recent years.
Folder Annual report archive
What has happened in the last twelve months? Our Annual Reports provide an overview of the most crucial developments at the MSC over the years.
File PDF document Choose MSC certified seafood for fish in the oceans tomorrow
A brief introduction to the MSC program.
File Americas brochure
A snapshot of the MSC program in the Americas (2013).
File MSC theory of change
MSC's theory of change describes how the program will contribute to the MSC achieving its vision of the world’s oceans teeming with life, and seafood supplies safeguarded for this and future generations.
File text/texmacs Fishers' stories (2013)
As of March 2013, there are 292 fisheries currently engaged in the MSC program. Find out how some of these fisheries have benefited from MSC certification.
File C source code Leading companies worldwide partnering with MSC
Examples of businesses around the world and especially in North America that are partnering with the MSC (January 2014).
File Troff document Las Cuarenta Paella: 20000th MSC labelled product
'Four fisheries, four continents, one meal' - background on Las Cuarenta Paella, the 20000th MSC labelled product. 2016
File D source code MSC consumer survey 2016 infographic: Seafood consumers put sustainability before price and brand
Infographic of results from the MSC's 2016 consumer survey, the largest ever global analysis of attitudes to seafood consumption.
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