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Ocean sustainability: Teachers' resource

Ocean-sustainability-PowerPoint lesson title page

Learning areas summarised:

  • The importance of the ocean
  • The threats to the ocean
  • What ocean sustainability means
  • The role of the MSC

MSC Lesson - Ocean Sustainability: What does it really mean?

Ocean Sustainability What does it really mean lesson title page

  • Learners reflect on what ‘sustainable’ means to them and come up with their own responses or a definition
  • Learners build their knowledge of what sustainability means, through focusing on sustainable fishing
  • Learners play a game in groups to build their understanding of sustainability in practice

Lesson plan: Marine food webs and overfishing

Marine food webs and overfishing lesson title page image

  • Learners make links between our own food choices and the ocean ecosystem
  • Learners examine the impact of human interaction with the ocean, including rising fishing levels and declining fish stocks
  • Learners understand that organisms in the marine ecosystem are linked through food webs that start with a plant, and that these can be drawn to represent the feeding relationships between them



Teachers Guide: How my dad fishes for the future
Description: A technical guide to using the Shorthand story as a teaching tool, plus answers to the exercises.

Date of issue: 06 September 2019

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Lesson plan: Using the ocean's resources responsibly
Description: A lesson for learners aged 10+ in Geography, focusing on how people use, modify and change the ocean ecosystem to obtain food, as well as examining some of the key aspects of sustainability for our oceans.

Date of issue: 15 November 2018
Lesson plan: Why do we need the ocean?
Description: A 25-40 minute lesson for learners age 10+ in geography or science. Learners focus on why we need the ocean and examine some of the pressures on it from fishing.

Date of issue: 06 September 2019
MSC - Consequences kelp
Description: The consequences kelp is a great tool to get learners thinking about an issue from a variety of perspectives, and with a focus on sustainability.

Date of issue: 01 December 2017
MSC - Key questions
Description: Use these discussion points about the film "My dad the fisherman" for class debate, research, extended writing or reflection time?

Date of issue: 01 December 2017
Fishery Factsheet: Atlantic Herring
Description: Use this handy background factsheet along with the lessons, My Dad the Fisherman film and Shorthand story activities. It takes a closer look at herring, featured in the film, including its habitat, sustainable fishing, food web, and how we eat herring.

Language: English
Date of issue: 18 December 2018



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Foodweb drawing with an orca, seal, large fish, small fish and squid

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