Learning resources for ages 10-15

Browse our selection of activities, lesson plans and resources for geography and science classrooms - focussed on ocean literacy, solutions to overfishing and how we can ensure oceans teeming with life.

Foodweb drawing with an orca, seal, large fish, small fish and squid

Film and clips

Why not introduce ocean sustainability with our award winning film or a short film clip, created with young people and their teachers in mind?

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Spinning globe with cartoon fish swimming around the top

Games and activities

Check out our games and activities for classrooms, including group activities and experiments that compliment our other learning and film resources.

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Colourful coral with shoal of small fish and manta ray swimming above

Kahoot quizzes

Take a dive into a topic, or assess learners’ knowledge and understanding with our quizzes.

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Hands on school desk, one holding pen on paper

Lesson plans

Curriculum-linked lesson plans and learning ideas for geography and science classrooms.

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Silhouette of teenage girl looking into large aquarium

Interactive story

Explore how to end overfishing with our interactive story – it comes with activities for learners, suggested lesson plans and a technical guide.

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Illustration of pink fish underwater

Activities for young children

Activities, downloads and games for children aged up to eight.

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