Activities for young children

Activities, downloads and games for children aged up to eight.

Creative activities

Illustration of octopus character and pencil underwater

Design a sea creature

Give Octavia the octopus some colourful tentacles

Illustration showing frames of comic strip

Ocean to Plate comic strip

Draw the missing pictures and fill in the missing words in the story

Illustration showing decorated wristband and scissors underwater

Make a wristband

Colour in and cut out your own Wild Ocean Explorer wristband

Illustration of octopus character with plate of fish nuggets

Make fabulous fish nuggets

A super simple, tasty recipe to make with help of an adult

Cartoon turtle with MSC labelled can of tuna illustration

Make tasty tuna waffles

Try tasty tuna waffles - help make them with an adult


Investigation activities

Illustration of herring character with blue MSC label baseball cap

What makes Handi Herring a fish?

Can you label the parts of Handi that make her a fish?

Illustration of magnifying glass underwater looking at tin of fish with MSC label

Be a fish detective

Can you see the MSC logo on these products when you go to the shop?


Puzzle activities

Illustration of dot-to-dot activity, with pencil underwater

Dot-to-dot and draw a habitat

Make Handi Herring appear again and add some fishy friends

Illustration of food chain card game with sea creatures

Food chain card game

Help the Wild Ocean Explorers work out what eats what

Illustration showing two spot-the-difference images of fishing boats under magnifying glass

Spot the difference

What are the differences and which picture shows the best way to catch fish?


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Image of shark and turtle being caught in net (bycatch) with fish

Learning resources for ages 10-15

Browse our selection of curriculum-linked lesson plans and resources for geography and science classrooms, from worksheets and photos to fact sheets and discussion topics.

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School of fish illustration

Teach and learn (homepage)

Use our teaching and learning resources to discover how we can help keep our oceans healthy for generations to come.

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