Coorong PiPi fishers

Darren Hoad, PiPi cockle fisherman from Coorong in South Australia, talks about his lifelong passion for collecting cockles and why he couldn't imagine doing anything else. Australia’s government and chefs are supporting his efforts.

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One of the coolest seafood stories never told: sustainable PiPi cockles from Australia



Shuffling for sustainability

South Australia's pipi fishery on the south coast first achieved Marine Stewardship Council certification in 2008 and has become an impressive example of the benefits of sustainable output. Read on to learn about the 'pipi shuffle', a technique that has been used here for generations.

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Fisherman collecting pipis, foregrounding the sunrise and other fishermen collecting pipis

Meet more Wild Ones

There’s a group of people from around the world with something in common: they love seafood and respect where it comes from. Find out why wild, sustainable seafood matters to them.

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This is wild

This is wild...

Wild. What a word. What a place. Worth caring for? We think so. But what does it mean to you?

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Real life stories

Read stories about real fisheries and the changes that they have made to become sustainable on their journey to MSC certification.

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