A Message in a Bottle

Our video animation, Message in a Bottle, shows why we need to make choices right now about sustaining our oceans and our economies.

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Message in a bottle


The MSC has shown that protecting fish and protecting the fishing industry are not mutually exclusive. 

We believe that fishers, governments, NGOs and scientists can design and implement solutions that simultaneously preserve marine life and sustain the 200 million globally who depend on fishing for their livelihoods. 

As this video animation Message in a Bottle illustrates, a similar collaborative approach can be applied to the green recovery. 

Protecting the economy and protecting the planet needn’t be a binary choice. It is a simple decision which can be made by all of us right now. 

An alliance of business leaders, politicians, policy-makers and civil society groups say the events of 2020 can point us toward a more ecologically sound way of living. 

As well as renewable energy, electric vehicles and local farming, this naturally includes sustainable fishing. But it is a process we collectively need to accelerate. 

Our seas produce up to 80% of the oxygen we breathe and absorb almost a third of the CO2 we generate. This video represents a message in a bottle. 

What the MSC and its partners have done for the ocean for more than two decades, we can all collectively do now. 

Let’s see how far our message can travel. 

This animation was produced by the MSC and design company El Instituto para el Avance de la Narrativa. 
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