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Read background briefings and statements from the MSC

MSC moves ahead with plan for updated Version of Fisheries Standard (25 June 2024)

MSC responds to latest State of World Fisheries and Aquaculture report from the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) report (7 June 2024)

Revised implementation of the MSC Fisheries Standard 3.0 (31 January 2024)

MSC appoints new Chair (24 January 2024)

Response to 'On the Hook's' Review of the MSC (June 2023)


Statement on State of Alaska Commissioner’s letter (2 June 2023)

Response to 'Canned Brutality' report by Bloom (18 May 2023)


MSC calls on States to urgently ratify the the High Seas Treaty (6 March 2023)


Response to Human Rights at Sea February 2023 report


Independent review of ‘Slipping through the net’ report shows Shark Guardian’s claims were unfounded


The Marine Stewardship Council’s new Fisheries Standard approved (June 2022)


ASC releases supplementary requirements for aquaculture Chain of Custody


Response to Shark Guardian’s report on infringements in MSC tuna fisheries in the Western Central Pacific (May 2022)


Response to On the Hook's external review of the MSC (April 2022)

The MSC's response to Animal Rebellion's action outside Marine House


Statement on the Russian invasion of Ukraine (March 2022)


The MSC and its response to the coronavirus pandemic (Updated March 2022)

ASC announce consultation on supplementary Chain of Custody requirements (March 2021)


MSC urges World Trade Organization to meet 2020 deadline on ending harmful fishing subsidies (November 2020)

MSC removes surplus assessment requirement for high performing fisheries (November 2020)


Nations can still agree quota sharing of Northeast Atlantic herring and mackerel (November 2020)


MSC responds to Human Rights at Sea report (July 2020)


MSC responds to the death of observer Eritara Aati Kaierua in the Pacific (May 2020)


MSC extends labour audit deadlines for supply chain partners in response to COVID-19 restrictions (6 May 2020)


COVID-19: MSC sets out expectations on observer coverage during derogation period (22 April 2020)


MSC sets out latest support for partners over coronavirus pandemic (30 March 2020)


COVID-19: Six-month pause on MSC assessment and certification (27 March 2020)

MSC Responds to Coronavirus Pandemic and Allows Off-Site Audits (19 March 2020)


WWF Statement - March 2018 MSC response


MSC response to Sea Choice Report - September 2017


Statement in response to Opitz et al analysis of fish stocks in the Northeast Atlantic - May 2016

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Global Impacts 2017

Global Impacts 2017

Our Global Impacts Report showcases the progress and improvements delivered by certified fisheries around the world.

Certified supply chains

Certified supply chains

Certified supply chains Retailers, fishmongers and restaurants around the world are certified to the MSC Chain of Custody Standard to ensure seafood sold with the MSC blue label comes from a certified sustainable fishery

Monitoring our impact

Monitoring our impact

The MSC monitoring and evaluation program works to understand the environmental and social impacts of the MSC.