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Don your apron, prime your taste buds and dive into 18 sustainable seafood recipes for 2022! 

Blue book with text, THE OCEAN COOKBOOK 2022, held at corners by two different hands - one in chef's apron, one in fisher's overalls

New Year usually means fresh starts and healthy resolutions for a better future. The MSC offers a simple way for you to take care of yourself, your family and our oceans.  

At the start of 2022, many of us might be thinking about how our shopping habits are impacting the natural world. To inspire you, we have teamed talented chefs with a fleet of dedicated fishers from all around the world, to contribute eighteen mouth-watering recipes, which show how you can support our oceans, by choosing sustainable seafood. 

The eighteen recipes in the Ocean Cookbook take the reader on a culinary world tour, starting with Australian king prawns in herb butter, to the European continent for North Sea haddock or mussels, out to east Asia for a sustainable fish noodle soup, a clam broth and a spicy tuna curry, down to South Africa for some hake fish cakes, back up to Poland for a winter warming halibut steak in mushroom sauce and Finland via Japan for tempura and tuna donburi. But no matter where it’s from, each dish has been created by chefs with MSC labelled seafood - the world’s leading choice in sustainable wild-caught seafood.   

The cookbook highlights the work of fishers such as Justin Ryan who fishes in the Canadian Northeastern Atlantic for Canada Greenland halibut and Omar Papalia of the Maluku Indonesian Handline Yellowfin Tuna fishery who, like the other sixteen fishers featured in the Ocean Cookbook, are leading the way, meeting the rigorous requirements of the MSC Standard for sustainability, to deliver delicious, sustainably produced seafood to consumers around the world.   

Sustainable seafood is not only nutritiously good for you, high in protein, minerals and nutrients but is caught in a way which ensures that there is enough fish left for future generations, that marine habitats are respected, and endangered threatened and protected species can recover.   

That’s why when you buy seafood carrying the MSC blue label, you can be sure that it has come from a certified, sustainable fishery. With over a third of the world’s fish stocks overfished, and that trend continuing to rise, we can all make a real difference to the future of our oceans by supporting fishers who are committed to sustainability.    

So, jump into The MSC Ocean Cookbook, and try out something new in 2022. 

The Ocean Cookbook 2022

Future-friendly sustainable seafood recipes from around the world.

The Ocean Cookbook 2022