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Tuna is one of the Big Five species that make up 80% of what we eat most across the UK and Ireland. Consumers in the UK spent £408.5 million on 61,012 tonnes of tuna products between June 2022 and 2023, accounting for 10% of the value and 16% of the volume of all seafood purchases in supermarkets across the country.

Sustainable Seafood Yearbook 2024

Our new annual publication builds on the success of two previous editions of the Sustainable Tuna Handbook, offering an authoritative analysis on the world’s market for sustainable tuna.

The new report highlights a significant rise in the sale of MSC certified tuna and shows that ensuring seafood is sustainably sourced remains a priority for consumers despite pressure on household budgets.

Sustainable Tuna Yearbook 2024

Sustainable Tuna Yearbook 2024

Wherever you work along the supply chain for sustainable tuna, the new Yearbook contains lots of useful information for everyone.

MSC UK Tuna Shopper Report 2023

The second edition of the MSC UK Tuna Shopper Report provides a picture of the evolving sustainable tuna landscape in the UK retail sector, showcasing which brands and supermarkets sell MSC labelled tuna. The report examines how certified tuna sales in the UK compare to other regions, and explores the global fisheries landscape that is meeting demand for sustainable tuna.
MSC UK Tuna Shopper Report 2023

Previous reports

MSC sustainable tuna handbook 2022 update
Date of issue: 01 May 2022
Download download file PDF - 2 MB
MSC sustainable tuna handbook 2021
Date of issue: 30 April 2021
Download download file PDF - 5 MB