Sustainable Tuna Handbook

Tuna. Whether tinned or fresh, in sandwiches or sushi, there’s no denying it’s among the most popular and commercially valuable fish around. Growing awareness of the pressure overfishing puts on tuna populations and ocean life has meant consumers increasingly want to be able to buy and eat their tuna with a clear conscience. Sourcing it sustainably can be a challenge, though. The MSC is here to help, and our handbook aims to demystify these challenges and complexities.

Sustainable tuna success as global demand soars

Sales of certified sustainable tuna globally have more than doubled in the last five years, according to a new MSC report.

More than 54,000 tonnes of tuna were sold with the MSC blue fish label in 2018/19, compared with 21,500 tonnes in 2015/16. The figures for 2019/20 are expected to be even higher. UK sales of MSC certified tuna products contribute 11% to the total sales.

The rapid increase in global sales of MSC labelled sustainable tuna is the result of transformations within the fishing sector. 28% of global tuna catch is now certified to the MSC’s standards for sustainable fishing, compared with 14% in 2014.

These changes have been driven by increasing retailer and consumer demand. Read more here.

Sustainable Tuna Handbook

This essential handbook provides a comprehensive summary of the state of global tuna stocks, the issues surrounding its sustainable harvest, global market demand and certified sustainable tuna fisheries. It was developed with input from major tuna producers and brands in the UK and aims to guide those sourcing and buying tuna towards sustainable choices.

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Sustainable Tuna Handbook

A guide to sustainable tuna fishing and sourcing


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