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And it starts with you...

In the supermarket, when eating out, with the brands you love, and with you only choosing seafood that comes from sustainable sources.

When you choose seafood with the blue MSC ecolabel, you’re supporting fishing that takes care of our ocean.

Let's make sure there are fish forever.

Did you know?

80% of fish and seafood we eat in the UK comes from just five species. The big five, made up of cod, haddock, salmon, tuna and prawns are the UK's fishy favourites. The good news is that there are many MSC certified sustainable options for the big five across UK & Ireland supermarkets and restaurants, meaning you can enjoy the meals you love while taking care of the ocean. 

However, we should be eating a wider variety of fish and seafood to ensure we're maximising the health benefits and also supporting UK and Irish fisheries. There are many species caught around our waters that can make great sustainable swaps with the big five. 

If you love cod, try coley or hake, if you love salmon, try swapping in sardines, another oily fish rich in Omega-3s. 

Sustainable seafood recipes

Sustainable seafood recipes

Get your taste buds tingling with this collection of sustainable seafood recipes that feature an array of species available in the UK and Ireland. Why not swap out your favourite species and try something new? 

Five reasons to love tuna

From its versatility, to its taste and health benefits, there are loads of reasons to love tuna. With lots of new MSC certified products hitting supermarkets, it’s now easier than ever for tuna lovers in the UK and Ireland to enjoy their favourite meals.
Five reasons to love tuna


billion people rely on seafood as an important protein source


of fisheries around the world have been fished beyond sustainable limits


different MSC certified species available in the UK and Ireland


MSC certified products in the UK and Ireland

How scientists are helping fisheries protect our ocean

How scientists are helping fisheries protect our ocean

Giving fishing communities the right tools and guidance to protect our ocean is a key part of being a fisheries scientist. Explore how science and research is fundamental to sustainable fishing and is helping the MSC certified scallop and brown crab fishery in Shetland reduce their ocean impact.

Learn more about why the MSC exists