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Welcome to our teaching and learning resources area, and discover how you can help keep our oceans healthy for generations to come.

We have created many informative, educational and fun materials for preschool and secondary school students and invite you to download and use these.  

Use our curriculum-relevant resources for ages 10-15 and meet the Wild Ocean Explorers, who are ready to take children under 8 on a trip to the ocean with our fun and creative activities.

Please use our award-winning film (below), created with young people and their teachers in mind in which we follow a fisherman’s daughter into the wild, as she explores ocean sustainability, the reasons why our oceans are threatened, and the science behind sustainable fishing.

New resources for World Ocean Day 2022

MSC World Ocean Day 2022 Teacher’s Guide and Resource
Description: Learners aged 8-12 can find out that if we look after the ocean, it will look after us. In this activity, learners investigate what taking care of the ocean involves for the people who catch our fish.
Date of issue: 20 May 2022
Download download file PPTX - 8 MB
MSC World Ocean Day 2022 Stickers
Description: At the MSC we love to reward hard work with a sticker! Use this printable sticker sheet alongside the Teacher’s Guide and Resource. We recommend using a 35mm circular sticker size but they also work as 35mmx35mm squares.
Date of issue: 20 May 2022
Download download file PDF - 3 MB

Kahoot quiz: World Ocean Day - Collective Action for the Ocean

Learn how you can help to look after the ocean

Kahoot quiz: Celebrating World Fisheries Day

Learn what a fishery is and how they operate

Read our State of Ocean Literacy in the UK report

Read our State of Ocean Literacy in the UK report

Find our what teachers have to say about ocean conservation and sustainability in our recent survey. If you would like a high-res copy of the report to print please get in touch below.

My dad the fisherman

A professionally produced topical video with some simple to use lesson plans that ensures anyone (young or old) who watches it begins to understand the concept of ocean sustainability as well as the roles of fishermen

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