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MSC UK & Ireland certified products in numbers


Different species that carry the MSC ecolabel


Different MSC certified products available


Tonnes of MSC certified sold in the UK & Ireland

Looking for sustainable dinner inspiration? Find your nearest MSC certified fish and chip shopwith our locator page or check out our sustainable seafood recipes pagefor tasty meals for every occasion. 

Here's where you can buy MSC labelled products

Aldi supermarket logo

Aldi UK and Aldi Ireland offer a range of MSC certified whitefish, salmon, tuna and more!

Amazon retailer logo

Amazon offers a range of own-brand MSC labelled products from cod to tuna.

Asda supermarket logo

Asda offers an array of own-brand chilled MSC certified products. 

Co-op supermarket logo

Co-op offers a range of MSC certified products from whitefish to canned goods and pet food.

Iceland supermarket logo

Iceland offers a range of frozen MSC labelled products across their stores.

Lidl supermarket logo

Lidl GB and Lidl Ireland and Northern Ireland offer a large variety of MSC labelled chilled, frozen and canned products in their stores across Great Britain.

Morrisons supermarket logo

Morrisons' selection of MSC labelled products include all of their own brand fish oil supplements.

Ocado retailer logo
Ocado offers a range of own-brand certified fish and seafood on their online store.
Sainsbury's supermarket logo

Sainsbury's offers the most MSC certified seafood products in the UK.

Tesco supermarket logo

Tesco UK and Tesco Ireland offer a range of MSC certified products including a wide range on their fish counters.

Waitrose and partners logo

Waitrose has a great variety of MSC certified products on their fish counters, and shelves too.

Gousto logo

Gousto’s recipe boxes include MSC certified cod and haddock, plus all the ingredients needed to create a delicious meal.

MSC certified Hello Fresh logo

Hello Fresh offer numerous MSC certified fish products as part of their recipe boxes.


Mindful Chef recipe box logo

Mindful Chef's recipe boxes include MSC certified cod, hake and salmon, all delivered to your door so you can whip up a healthy meal that's good for you and the ocean too. 

Beefeater logo

The UK-wide grill-restaurant chain, Beefeater, sells several MSC certified dishes, including beer-battered haddock and chips and a pollock goujon sandwich.

Brewers fayre logo

Brewer’s Fayre pubs serve MSC certified fish and chips across the country. 

Fish City are a Belfast-based restaurant serving numerous MSC certified dishes including poached Atlantic cod, Fish City Kiev, and their award-winning fish and chips. Find out more here.

Fish city fish and chip shop logo

Fish City are a Belfast-based restaurant serving numerous MSC certified dishes including poached Atlantic cod, Fish City Kiev, and their award-winning fish and chips. Find out more here.   

Ikea logo

All wild-caught fish and shrimps served and sold at IKEA come from fisheries which are independently certified to the MSC standard.

Lussmanns logo

Lussmanns is an independent, award-winning restaurant group based in Hertfordshire serving an array of MSC certified dishes. 

McDonalds logo

All fish used in McDonald's Filet-o-Fish® and Happy Meal® Fish Fingers come from MSC certified sustainable fisheries. 

Premier Inn hotel logo

Premier Inn serves a variety of MSC certified dishes in its hotel restaurants and bars - look out for the blue MSC ecolabel on their menus. 

Rockfish logo

Rockfish is an MSC certified restaurant group founded by UK ambassador Mitch Tonks, serving MSC sustainable fish and seafood on the English South West coast.

Table table logo

Table Table is a family chain pub serving a range of MSC certified dishes, including fish goujons, haddock and chips, and fish finger sandwich.  

Titanic Belfast's logo


The Northern Irish visitor attraction Titanic Belfast’s restaurant, The Pantry, serves a variety of MSC certified white fish on their menus.

MSC certified Wahaca logo

Wahaca use MSC certified pollock in their battered fish tacos, and have multiple restaurants in the UK. Find out more here.

MSC certified Wetherspoon logo

Wetherspoon use MSC certified cod and haddock in the fish and chips they offer to customers. Find out more here.

Whitbread logo

Whitbread Inns sell MSC certified fish goujons and beer-battered haddock and chips at their pubs across the UK. 

And here are the brands to look out for

Birds Eye flick red logo

Birds Eye offers a wide range of sustainably sourced frozen seafood products.

Fish said Fred logo

Fish Said Fred MSC labelled cod, haddock, salmon, hake and pollock products can be found at Asda, Mindful Chef, Ocado, Tesco, Sainsbury's, and Waitrose.

MSC certified Hook Line & sinker logo

Launched by Ocean Fish in 2021, the Hook, Line & Sinker brand currently sells Cornish sardines and hake at Ocado.

John West seafood logo

John West offers a range of MSC certified species for the food cupboard.

King Oscar seafood logo

King Oscar offers a number of MSC labelled Brisling sardine (European sprat) products available at Amazon, Ocado, Sainsbury's, and Waitrose.

Leap seafood logo
Leap brand certified salmon, cod and haddock products are available from Mindful Chef, Ocado, Planet Organic, Tesco, Waitrose, and Whole Foods.

pilchard works logo

The Pilchard Works sell MSC certified tinned Cornish sardines, with their products available in Waitrose.

Princes seafood logo 

Princes sell a variety of certified sustainable seafood cupboard staples.

MSC certified Rio Mare logo

Rio Mare offer MSC certified canned tuna products, which are available at Ocado. Find out more here.

Seafood and eat it logo

Seafood and Eat It sell MSC certified potted brown shrimp products, available at Waitrose and Ocado.

MSC certified Youngs fish logo

Young’s offer MSC certified fish fingers, surimi, and fish cakes, with their products sold in numerous major retailers.


Bonusan offers MSC certified krill oil and fish oil supplements.

CleanMarine logo

Cleanmarine offers MSC certified krill oil supplements as a sustainable source of Omega-3 EPA and DHA for shoppers in the UK and Ireland. 

Dr Mercola logo

Dr. Mercola offers MSC certified herring caviar oil as a sustainable source of omega-3 fatty acids, phospholipids and choline. Green pasture logo

Green Pasture offers several MSC fermented cod liver oil supplements as a source of omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins A & D.

Healthspan supplements logo
Healthspan offers a series of MSC certified krill oil supplements as a sustainable source of Omega-3 EPA and DHA.

MSC certified Lysi logo

Lysi offer MSC fermented cod liver oil supplements as a sustainable source of omega-3 fatty acids.

Planet Paleo supplements logo

Living Planet offer MSC certified marine collagen products under their Planet Paleo range.

Wiley's finest supplements logo

Wiley's Finest offers a variety of MSC certified fish oil supplements sourced from sustainable fisheries in the USA.

Fish Dishlogo

FishDish produce fish snacks for dogs containing 100% MSC certified sustainably sourced Atlantic cod.

Louis & Ada logo

Louis and Ada produce fish croutons as dog snacks, from 100% MSC certified fish skins.

McAdams petfood brand logo

McAdams launched their first MSC product in 2017 and pioneered the use of MSC labelled prawns in pet food.

Pets at home logo

British pet supplies retailer Pets at Home has recently launched a selection of MSC labelled pet food products.

Sheba logo

Sheba produce cat food, including several fish products, of which 83% hold the blue MSC ecolabel (with a target of ultimately reaching 100%).

Webbox logo

Webbox make tasty MSC certified pet food to promote health and well-being.

Whiskas logo

Whiskas offer MSC certified cat food, including MSC tuna in jelly.

Woofs pet food logo for web

Woofs produce premium quality, highly nutritious, MSC certified fish-based treats and wet food for dogs.