The MSC Chain of Custody Standard

Between the ocean and your plate, fish and seafood products may pass through many stages. Supply chains can be very complicated. The MSC Chain of Custody Standard ensures that products from MSC certified sustainable fisheries are traceable and separated from non-certified products

For products to carry the blue MSC label, every company in the supply chain must have a valid Chain of Custody certificate. To be certified, businesses are audited by independent certification bodies.

What is assessed?

There are five key principles that every company must meet to achieve certification.

  1. Satisfy demand

    Global demand for sustainable seafood is growing

  2. Enhance trust

    Create long term confidence in your products by offering traceable, sustainably caught seafood

  3. Strengthen loyalty

    Strengthen staff, supplier and customer loyalty by working on common sustainability goals, providing independent verification and sharing stories about the provenance of your seafood

  4. Show you're well-managed

    Demonstrate that your business is well-managed and taking a leading role in creating a more transparent and sustainable seafood industry

  5. Plenty of choice

    Choose from more than 100 species of wild-caught seafood from thousands of certified suppliers

Different businesses, different needs

Our Chain of Custody Standard is updated every three years, check out our supply chain certification guide for more information. 

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