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Aussies Celebrate #FortheSea with Sustainable Seafood Day

Australia's annual Sustainable Seafood Day will take place on Friday, 20 March.

This year, our MSC Oceania team has collaborated with ocean advocates, explorers, researchers, health practitioners, athletes and artists to celebrate how choosing sustainable seafood can help keep our oceans healthy.

Aussie ocean ambassadors

Known for his love of the ocean, popular Bondi lifeguard, Anthony ‘Harries’ Carroll will be feasting #ForTheSea with MSC: “I’m lucky enough to spend a lot of time in the sea and it’s great to get involved with something that helps keep the oceans healthy. So c’mon Australia let’s do our bit for the sea and choose the seafood that’s scientifically proven to be sustainable, the stuff with the MSC ecolabel on it”"

Other ocean ambassadors include ocean photographers such as Uge from the Bondi favourite Aquabumps and Cait Miers, plus pro surfer Felicity Palmetter, marine conservationist Laura Wells, nutrition expert Dr JoAnna McMillian and many more.

Get involved #ForTheSea

Register for your own hosting pack and the MSC will provide recipes, information and decorations so you can celebrate your love of the sea while hosting your sustainable seafood day feast.

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More information

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