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Increasing quantities of MSC ecolabeled products multiply sustainable seafood options for consumers

The commercial sector of the seafood industry has increasingly committed to the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certification program for sustainable, wild-caught seafood. Over the past five years, the number of MSC ecolabeled products globally have nearly tripled and continue to increase each year. In North America, supplements, pet food and natural products are among the fastest growing segments of seafood products that are sourced from MSC certified fisheries.

Seafood products with the MSC ecolabel can be found in supermarkets, mass merchant chains, nutritional supplement stores, pet retail, restaurants, universities and other food service establishments across North America. Product categories include: fresh, chilled, pet food, supplements, frozen, pouch and canned food.

The blue MSC ecolabel assures consumers that in every step of the supply chain – from the fishers, to the processor, to the distributor and the end user – MSC certified seafood is not mixed with or substituted for non-certified seafood. It also ensures that seafood bearing the blue MSC ecolabel can be traced back to a fishery that has been certified as sustainable and well-managed against the global, science-based MSC standard.

Look for the blue MSC ecolabel to contribute to the health of the world’s oceans

Consumers can increasingly contribute to the health of the world’s oceans and ensure sustainable seafood for this and future generations by choosing seafood products sourced from MSC certified fisheries. Recently introduced products that bear the blue MSC ecolabel in North America include:

Artisan Bistro Seafood Bowls, the first entrée frozen food line in North America to bear the blue MSC ecolabel

Deck Hand Premium Cat Food, exclusively available at Whole Foods Market

PetSmart National Geographic fish food

Dr. Mercola krill oil supplements

Wiley’s Finest fish oil supplements

Wild Selections albacore tuna, and salmon and herring filets

Crown Prince albacore tuna, yellowfin tuna, and kipper snacks

Pole & Line albacore and skipjack tuna, exclusively available at Whole Foods Market 

“By looking for the blue MSC ecolabel and choosing seafood products that are fully traceable to MSC certified fisheries, consumers reward sustainable fishing practices and help to safeguard seafood supplies for future generations,” said Geoff Bolan, MSC’s U.S. Program Director.

Worldwide, more than 27,000 products bear the blue MSC ecolabel, located on in-store, wholesale and foodservice seafood products. Consumer-facing products can be found in more than 95 countries with the estimated annual retail market value of $4.8 billion.

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Look for the blue @MSCecolabel and celebrate #WorldOceansDay on Monday, June 8, #BlueMonday.