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Sustainable Seafood Finder: MSC launches its first mobile app

The MSC has launched a mobile sustainable seafood finder, its first mobile app, to help shoppers search for certified sustainable seafood on the go; linking customers to businesses that use the MSC ecolabel on packaging.   

Built with the pro bono support of developer Paul McKeown [1], the Android compatible mobile version of the MSC's online sustainable seafood product finder helps shoppers to find and identify MSC certified products available in their country.  

Promoting MSC labelled seafood to consumers worldwide

The app is available in English, German, Dutch, French, Swedish and Danish and lists over 10,000 consumer-facing products that are available in stores worldwide. Shoppers can find all the MSC labelled products available in their country (any one of the 75 that sell MSC labelled products), and if they wish, narrow down their search to look for seafood from particular brands and retailers, or search for a particular species or product category such as canned, frozen or fresh fish.

Always up to date

The database the app searches is updated daily, giving users the most current listings of sustainable seafood products. Search results include images of sustainable seafood products, information about the product, and provide links to the brand or retailers' websites.

An extra feature, linking the app to Google Maps, allows mobile users to find their nearest store when searching supermarket own-brand seafood.

App users can also access the latest stories from the MSC newsroom about the continuing efforts of all our partners in support of sustainability and healthy oceans.

Responding to demand

"Since its launch last year, our online product finder has become one of the most visited sections of the MSC website ( and having a mobile version was the next logical step," says Simon Edwards, MSC Global Marketing and Communications Director. "I would like to thank Paul McKeown for his support in building this app and helping us to inspire consumers around the world about sustainable seafood and connect them with our partners’ MSC labelled products. As well as enabling customers to make informed choices on the go, the app promotes our partners’ commitment to sustainable sourcing and informs new, interested audiences about the sustainable fisheries the product was sourced from." 

More information for partners

As always, images of MSC-labelled products should be sent to as (in 600 x 600 pixels, JPEG format) to display in the product finder (online and mobile) search results.

For media inquiries please contact

1. Paul McKeown is a freelance developer with expertise in Java and mobile applications.