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Sustainable Seafood September Kicks off with Foodservice Industry Event Celebrating Sustainable Shellfish

Karen Attwood

Senior PR Manager UK & Ireland   

The Marine Stewardship Council is launching Sustainable Seafood September, a national celebration of sustainable seafood, with a shellfish event in collaboration with seafood suppliers True World Foods UK and Clearwater Seafoods.

A private chef will prepare dishes using delicious MSC-certified shellfish from around the world including Canadian and Patagonian scallop, and Arctic Surf Clam and Snow Crab from Canada, as well as king scallops and langoustines - two species that are currently in Project UK, a collaborative partnership working towards an environmentally sustainable future for UK fisheries. 

This year’s Sustainable Seafood Campaign has a focus on the ‘big five’ species of seafood that are predominantly eaten in the UK – tuna, salmon, cod, haddock and prawns. While sustainable products of the big five are readily available across the UK, this cooking demonstration offers an opportunity for restaurant businesses to learn about some of the alternative sustainable seafood species which can also be enjoyed by seafood lovers.

Seth McCurry, MSC UK & Ireland Senior Commercial Manager, said: “There is a growing variety of certified sustainable seafood options here in the UK. Last year, 52 different species were available to consumers bearing the blue MSC ecolabel and this Sustainable Seafood September is a great opportunity to celebrate that diversity. 

“Partnering with True World Foods UK and Clearwater Seafood to kick off our campaign with this event, we are highlighting the important role the foodservice sector can play in encouraging consumers to try a greater variety of sustainably sourced seafood. Chefs can introduce new culinary realms to consumers who may be reluctant to branch out from the ‘big five’ in the comfort of their own home.”

The event which takes place on September 4 at True World Foods UK, in Southall, will highlight the versatility of a great range of certified shellfish as well as shellfish working towards MSC certification. There will be an opportunity to taste the dishes and learn preparation tips and techniques for the various shellfish products. In attendance will be recipe developer, content creator and MSC UK Ambassador Zainab Pirzada, as well as representatives from across the foodservice industry. 

True World Foods quote

Marcio Rodrigues. Technical Manager at True World Foods UK, said: "Leading the market, True World Foods UK has a responsibility to promote and supply sustainable seafood to customers. The collaborative efforts with exceptional partners like the MSC and Clearwater are instrumental in its achievements."

Clearwater quote

John Ashmore, Marketing Director Europe, Middle‑East and Africa at Clearwater said: “As a vertically integrated seafood company with fishing operations in Canada, Argentina, and, through our subsidiary Macduff Shellfish the UK, Clearwater understands that sustainability of our wild fish resources is foundational to our successful business. We have been proud to have our efforts recognized by the MSC certification and continue to invest in fishery science and management improvements and deliver world class seafood offerings to our discerning customers.” 

Restaurants interested in certification can visit the MSC website ( or get in touch with the MSC directly ([email protected]) for more information.