Sustainable Seafood Week

Will you do what it takes to protect the health of our oceans?


What is Sustainable Seafood Week?

Sustainable Seafood Week is a nationwide movement urging consumers to pledge to eat seafood only from sustainable sources, for this week and beyond. 

What can you do?

Challenge yourself and get involved in one of our many activities throughout the week, and for the month of September! There are a number of things you can do. Read on below and follow us on social media.


Get involved

Get inspired... the kitchen with our virtual Sustainable Seafood Suppers and catch up on Michelin starred TV chefs and foodie influencers as they prepare delicious, sustainable seafood recipes.

Dive in


...what fishermen are doing to keep fish on your plate and in the sea, forever.

Learn more


...with our wider sustainable seafood community and by hearing from ocean experts from the National Marine Aquarium during an exclusive Facebook live aquarium session. Explore inside the aquarium now!



...eating sustainable seafood! Check out our delicious seafood recipes and foodie guides.

Get cooking


...our Sustainable Seafood Week partners and find out what they are doing to support sustainable seafood.

Learn more


...about the MSC, what you can do to help save our oceans and discover 10 simple reasons why you should choose the blue fish ecolabel.

Learn more

Why the MSC?

Our oceans need us. They contain up to 80% of life on earth, essential for a healthy planet. Yet, seafood is a vital source of protein to more than three billion people across the world and with over a third of fisheries around the world fished beyond sustainable limits, and a further 60% fished to their maximum capacity, the oceans need you to commit to supporting sustainable fisheries and eating only sustainably sourced seafood.

Here in the UK, over three-quarters of seafood shoppers believe we need to protect fish for future generations, with 7 in 10 of us believing we need to consume fish and seafood only from sustainable sources. By choosing products with the MSC blue fish ecolabel, you can trust that your seafood is sustainable and fully traceable back to its source.

But the journey to sustainability begins with the fishermen and so from the 10 – 17th September we want you to connect with MSC certified fishermen and find out what it takes for them to help safeguard our vital marine resources. You can also meet our valued partners who commit to sustainability by providing certified seafood to supermarket shelves or restaurant tables. And most importantly, discover what YOU can do to keep fish in the sea and on your plate, forever. Don’t delay...

The MSC ecolabel helps consumers have real confidence that not only is the fish sustainable but it’s going to be great quality too and make for really good eating. During Sustainable Seafood Week, play your part and choose the blue fish.

Mitch Tonks, restaurateur, chef, author and MSC UK ambassador

Mitch Tonks is a champion of sustainable seafood

Do what it takes

...and support sustainable seas!

Let us know how well you did with your pledge by posting your sustainable seafood activity using our hashtagsso others can know to choose the blue fish too.

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