Sustainable Seafood Week: Our Partners

Meet our retail, brand and foodservice partners who have all committed to support and promote Sustainable Seafood Week.

This first UK Sustainable Seafood Week, we are challenging YOU to make a pledge to eat seafood coming only from sustainable sources, for this week and beyond!

Choosing seafood with the MSC blue fish label is an easy way to support sustainable fishing practices, ensuring you do what it takes in helping safeguard our seas for future generations and protect our vital ocean resources.

Our supermarket, restaurant, and fish chips partners are proud supporters of Sustainable Seafood Week and so this week when you’re shopping, dining out, or heading to a chippy for your favourite British takeaway, they are asking you to look out for the little blue fish label and play your part to keep fish on your plate and in the sea, forever. 

100 MSC certified chippies

Check out the fantastic campaigning happening on social media right now by our MSC certified chippies!


National Marine Aquarium

The NMA are providing a fantastic Facebook live aquarium session, where you can hear from ocean experts and learn about sustainable fishing.

Watch the livestream

See what it takes


...what fishermen are doing to keep fish on your plate and in the sea, forever.

Learn more

Get inspired... the kitchen with our virtual Sustainable Seafood Suppers and catch up on Michelin starred TV chefs and foodie influencers as they prepare delicious, sustainable seafood recipes.

Dive in


...about the MSC, what you can do to help save our oceans and discover 10 simple reasons why you should choose the blue fish ecolabel.

Learn more

Do what it takes

...and support sustainable seas!

This Sustainable Seafood Week, challenge yourself and get involved in one of our many activities throughout the week, and for the month of September! There are a number of things you can do. Let us know how well you did by posting your sustainable seafood activity using our hashtags and follow the movement on social media, so others can know to choose the blue fish too.

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