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The Ocean sustains our whole planet. It contributes to the air we breathe, the food we eat, the livelihoods of millions of people and so much more. And yet the health of our Ocean is under threat from global warming and human activities such as overfishing.

It's time to act NOW to protect the Ocean for future generations. Take the plunge and make a pledge TODAY to protect this vast, irreplaceable ecosystem that sustains us all!

World Ocean Day on June 8th is the perfect time to join thousands of other people who are taking a stand. You can follow our World Ocean Day campaign @MSCintheUK across our socials and using the below hashtag. 


Here's how you can make your deal with the ocean...

  1. I will reward and encourage fishing that protects the Ocean by making more sustainable seafood choices
  2. I will look for and support companies, products and charities that help care for the Ocean’s health and wildlife
  3. I will learn more about the Ocean and share what I discover with friends and family on social media channels

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