Big Blue Future

Launched on World Oceans Day (June 8) but continuing forever, we are asking everyone to commit to making the sustainable choice when shopping for seafood. Switching to MSC certified sustainable seafood will have a huge impact on our seas and oceans. Our oceans feed billions of people and provide 80 percent of the world’s biodiversity.

The MSC has been on a mission for more than 20 years to end overfishing and help preserve our oceans for our children, their children and beyond.

Find out what we're up to, how we can restore our oceans and meet the UK Ocean Ambassadors who are speaking up for healthy, sustainable seas. Finally, share our video below so others can choose the little blue label and ensure the world has a Big Blue Future.

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Little Blue Label, Big Blue Future


UK Ocean Ambassadors

From award-winning chefs to frontline doctors and youth ocean advocates, the UK Ocean Ambassadors are united by a love of the oceans and the seafood they bring us. Meet these #BigBlueFuture advocates of healthy, sustainable seas.
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