Pelagic trawl

Pelagic, or midwater trawls have a cone-shaped body and a closed ‘cod-end’ that holds their catch.

Pelagic trawls are generally much larger than bottom trawls and can be towed by one or two boats (pair trawling). They are designed to target fish in the mid- and surface water, such as herring, hoki and mackerel. Acoustic technology is used to locate the position and depth of the target fish and the path of the boat(s) and trawls are adjusted accordingly.

Pelagic or midwater trawl fishing gear illustration

Midwater trawls have no contact with the seabed. They are occasionally associated with the incidental catch of non-target species (bycatch). MSC certified fisheries take measures to minimise bycatch through the use of specific mesh sizes, exclusion devices and acoustic deterrents such as 'pingers'.

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Purse Seine fishing gear illustration

Purse seine fishing

What is purse seining? Purse seine nets are used in commercial fishing to target dense schools of midwater fish like tuna and mackerel.

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Longline fishing gear illustration

Longline fishing

Longline fisheries trail long lines with baited hooks attached to attract target fish. They often require measures to reduce contact with other species.

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