Securing a future for Indonesian tuna fishing communities

International Pole and Line Foundation (IPNLF) and the Kendari Pole and Line Skipjack and Yellowfin fishery

Amount awarded: £49,980

This project supports cross-sector collaboration towards the sustainable certification for Indonesian tuna fisheries. It aims to demonstrate the effect of good fisheries management and its benefits to the livelihoods of coastal communities.

The MSC’s Ocean Stewardship Fund will also help to support plans to improve transparency in the Indonesian tuna supply chain. Improvements here can enhance market demand and access for sustainable tuna fisheries. 

Indonesia has a long tradition of catching tuna using pole and line methods, where fish are caught one at a time. The method is regarded as one of the most ecologically and socially responsible methods of harvesting wild tuna.

The project is driven by the Fisheries Improvement Project Steering Committee which includes:


With this funding we’re able to ensure Indonesian pole & line tuna fisheries are able to support the equity of small-scale tuna fisheries in the global market place.

Jeremy Crawford International Pole & Line Foundation
Indonesian handline fisher

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