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PT Cassanatama Naturindo and Indonesia Central Java Shrimp

Amount: £44, 608

This project will train fishers to take a more active role in improving sustainability in the Central Java shrimp fishery.

The fishery targets banana shrimp using trammel nets and pots. Indonesian shrimp fisheries provide an important source of seafood for both the domestic and export market so ensuring they operate sustainably is vital.

The Indonesian food processessing and export company PT Cassanatama Naturindo started the fishery improvement project (FIP) in 2017, in collaboration with the Yayasan WWF-Indonesia. The FIP is also supported by Diponegoro University and the Fisheries Research Center of the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries.

PT Cassanatama established fisher cooperative units in the fishing villages that supply the company. These units help the fishers to take on a more active role in the FIP, including implementing improvements. It also improves access to government programs and builds a stronger voice within communities.

What the project will do

This Ocean Stewardship Funded project aims to improve the fishers understanding of their own fishing activities, including impacts on habitats and stock status and receive training in how to collect analyse and interpret catch data. Fishers will also receive training in how to reduce impacts on endangered, threatened and protected species, including how to recognise such species and how to release them safely.

Training will also be provided to help fishers become spokespeople in their communities and educate others in sustainable fishing practices.


The fishery was also verified through the In-Transition to MSC program in 2021, making it eligible for our Transition Assistance Fund. It aims to make the improvements needed to meet the MSC Fisheries Standard and enter assessment by 2026.

“Having a better understanding of fishing practices and the impacts on the environment will help these fishers set an example for others in the community. If the oceans become sustainable, the people who benefit from it can continue harvesting for generations”

Kandiyas Fachri Kurniawan, Fisheries Improvement Program Coordinator

PT. Cassanatama Naturindo

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