Strengthening sustainability of wild mussel harvesting

WWF South Africa and the Rope Grown Mussel Fishery

Amount awarded: £49,993

This project aims to help the South African Rope Grown Mussel Fishery to meet the MSC Standard by developing endangered, threatened and protected species (ETP) management strategies. 

The fishery is situated in Saldanha Bay in the Western Cape. It uses raft growing techniques to grow and harvest mussel spat (juvenile oysters) from the wild. The two mussels species are the indigenous black mussel (Chloromytilus meridionalis) and the Mediterranean mussel (Mytilus galloprovincialis).

WWF South Africa will work with the fishery to create action plans and implement a Fishery Improvements Project (FIP). As well as managing effects on ETP species, the project will

  • Monitor risks
  • Devise a biofouling management strategy to minimise ecosystem impacts

The fishery in is part of the Fish For Good project. Its progress has been verified through the In-Transition to MSC program.


I am excited to receive this funding because it will increase the focus on improving the sustainability of fisheries of the developing world.

Craig Smith WWF South Africa
Indonesian handline fisher

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