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The best way to understand the impact of the MSC program is through those involved.

Meet the people behind sustainable seafood

The MSC program is a collective effort that could not exist without the many fishers around the world who work to safeguard stocks, ecosystems and their own livelihoods. 

Fishing is more than just a job, it forms the backbone of many communities. When you buy seafood with the blue MSC label you’re not only helping preserve fish stocks, but also a way of life.    

Read about the passionate people bringing sustainable seafood to your plate.


Japan’s all-in-one sustainable tuna company

From fishing to processing to sales: Owasebussan is revitalising the Japanese tuna industry, sustainably.

From collapse to conservation

How a sustainably-minded seafood company has help Newfoundland and Labrador's fishing industry bounce back.

Western Asturias octopus

How a wild octopus fishery located in an autonomous community in northern Spain became the first MSC certified sustainable fishery of its kind.

The women of the Indonesia Blue Swimmer Crab fishery

In Indonesia women are at the forefront of a sustainable fishing business. Meet the female processors and factory workers of the blue swimmer crab industry.

Lake Hjälmaren: Fishing for the future

Collaboration between fishermen, scientists and seafood producers has made the pike-perch fishery on Sweden's fourth largest lake a sustainable success.

Ben Tre: Saving a clam fishery in Vietnam

Community collaboration steers the Ben Tre clam fishery onto a new sustainable course

The ice fishers of Waterhen Lake, Canada

How the ice fishers of Waterhen Lake are charting a sustainable futute

Julien, the Normandy lobster fisherman

How a young fisher has made a commitment to the oceans

More about these and other fisheries in our report

More about these and other fisheries in our report

Our Making Waves report provides the first ever review of the collective impact of small-scale fisheries in the MSC program. It shows that not only are real ecological improvements being achieved on the water, but they are often complemented by social and economic benefits on land.



More stories

Alaska pollock fishing: It runs in the family

The story of generations of Barents Sea pollock fishers and their revolutionary "catch-share" system

West Coast Groundfish: An American Success Story in the Making

After a groundfish population collapse in the 1990s, these fishermen worked to recover the species. 14 years after the collapse and after a decade of work, 13 species achieved MSC certification.

Tuna fishing after the tsunami

How one man's vision brought a sustainable future to Japan's devastated Tōhoku region

South Australia: Shuffling for sustainability

The story of South Australia's pipi cockle fishers and their unique technique

Suriname: The power of partnerships

How collaboration between the government, NGOs and researchers empowered the tropical shrimp fishery

Western Australia: Riding the crest of the wave

How a lobster fishery became a state-wide inspiration for sustainability

Looking after 'Bluey': Australia's blue swimmer crab

Home to the iconic blue swimmer crab, the Peel Harvey Estuary is the first ever commercial and recreational fishery to be MSC certified as sustainable.

South African hake - Fishing for a future

Pole and line tuna fishing in the Maldives

How ancient techniques and modern management are joining forces to safeguard skipjack – and the communities who rely on it.

PNA tuna - Small islands, big opportunities

There's a good chance the last can of tuna you bought came from one place and after the global appetite for tuna soared and illegal and unsustainable fishing put tuna stocks at risk, these countries took control.

More about fishing communities and impacts

The impact on communities

The impact on communities

Fish is an important source of food and income for communities around the world. For many people, sustainable fishing is a necessity, not a luxury.

Pathway to sustainability

Pathway to sustainability

The MSC is working with NGOs, governments, retailers and funders around the world to create a pathway to sustainability for small-scale fisheries and fisheries in developing countries.

Our collective impact

Our collective impact

For 20 over years fisheries, scientists, consumers and industry have been part of a collective effort to make sure our oceans are fished sustainably.