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Our ocean is under pressure. Over a third of global fish stocks are overfished. World Ocean Day is our moment to show how sustainable fishing contributes to protecting our ocean.

Together, we can spread the word and help people understand how much more sustainable fishing means.

more fish

*16 million tonnes

more wild seafood could be fished each year if all fisheries were sustainably managed.

more colour

*400+ environmental improvements

protecting ocean biodiversity made by MSC certified fishers in the last 3 years.

more choice

*20,000+ sustainable seafood products

with the MSC label, across 66 countries, sourced from over 500 certified sustainable fisheries.

Sustainable fishing means more life in the ocean

Sustainable fishing means more life in the ocean


Three things you can do to protect our ocean


  1. Encourage the fishers who protect our ocean, by making more sustainable seafood choices
  2. Support companies, products and charities that help care for our ocean’s health and wildlife
  3. Learn more about the ocean and share what you discover with friends and family on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook