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Access for all fisheries

The MSC is committed to providing equal access for all fisheries seeking MSC certification. We provide small-scale and data-deficient fisheries with additional tools and guidance to allow them to demonstrate that they meet the MSC Fisheries Standard, and to get certified.

"Demand for eco-certified fish and seafood is high all over the world. Certification under the MSC program could open doors to trade for these fisheries and contribute to long-term social, environmental and economic benefits in their communities,"

, MSC Developing World Program Manager

Below are some of the MSC tools and activities that ensure that the MSC program is accessible to all fisheries:

Juan FernandezFisheries improving towards MSC certification

We help fisheries that do not yet meet the MSC Standard through a suite of tools to training initiatives to support them to achieve certification.



Risk-Based Assessment for data limited fisheries

To ensure the MSC program is accessible to all fisheries, we developed a set of precautionary risk-based indicators for the assessment of data-deficient fisheries - the Risk-Based Framework (RBF).

Image of swirling fish - Global Fisheries Sustainability FundGlobal Fisheries Sustainability Fund

Fund supporting critical research and projects. Aimed at strengthening knowledge and capacity to assist small scale and developing world fisheries in their journey to achieving MSC certification.

FIPsPolicy Development

Through the policy development cycle there are consultation opportunities for stakeholders to get involved and help shape MSC policy. We seek to ensure that the perspectives of small-scale and data-deficient fisheries are considered.

presenting at stakeholder workshopsStakeholder outreach

MSC staff from offices around the world provide information and advice on the benefits of the MSC certification program to stakeholders. 

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