Approve my use of the MSC label

The MSC label and associated claims are a registered trademark and any usage must be approved.

Once you've got a licence to use the MSC label, we'll provide you with a high-resolution copy of the MSC label (formats: AI, EPS, JPEG, TIFF, PDF).

Using our guidance, design and submit your artwork for approval. When your design has been agreed, we will send you written approval within 3 working days, to go ahead and publish your materials.


Packaging and menu approvals

Submit colour proofs of your final draft design to your local MSC ecolabel account manager in PDF format with the relevant completed form.

To use the MSC label on a product or menu item, at least 95% of the seafood must come from an MSC certified source. Your auditor may ask you to verify your calculation.

MSC Product Approval Form
Description: Approval form for any product artwork displaying the MSC label.

Language: English
Version: 16.00
Date of issue: 14 June 2018
MSC Seafood Approval Form
Description: Approval form for menu items and fish counter products displaying the MSC label

Language: English
Version: 1.40
Date of issue: 01 August 2016

Protecting the MSC's trademarks

The MSC is the owner of the  blue label, the abbreviation "MSC" and its name "Marine Stewardship Council" and reserves all rights in relation to these trademarks.

MSCI (MSC’s trading company) is responsible for all label use handled by the Licensing Team. Only organisations that have signed a formal written agreement with MSCI's Licensing Team may display the MSC label. Unauthorised display is prohibited and will be treated as a trademark infringement. 


Contact the MSCI label licensing team




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MSC packaged products on a table

MSC label guidelines

Our guidelines set out the basic rules on how to use the MSC label on product packaging, restaurant menus, fish counters and promotional material.

MSC label on fresh fish counter at Stockmann, Finland

Apply to use the blue MSC label

The blue MSC label makes it easy for your customers to select sustainable, wild seafood that they can trust. Find out the costs and apply.

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Promote sustainable seafood

Promote your commitment to sourcing certified sustainable seafood and increase sales of your MSC labelled products. Use our marketing assets and toolkits.

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