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Most organisations that sign a licence to use the MSC ecolabel are liable to pay annual fees and, depending on the ecolabel application, royalties.

Annual fee

The level of the annual fee payable is determined by the total net value of MSC labelled seafood sold / purchased by your company during a UK financial year (April – March).

Value of MSC certified seafood purchased/soldAnnual fee

£0 – £130,000 GBP

 £160 GBP

£130,001 – £330,000 GBP

 £800 GBP

> £330,000 GBP

 £1,600 GBP


If you are using the MSC ecolabel on consumer facing products, you will also need to pay royalties starting at 0.5% on the net wholesale value of your MSC labelled seafood sales.

For a full breakdown of the costs for using the MSC ecolabel please go here.

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