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Supporting the brown shrimp fishery in Sonora, Mexico to make the improvements needed to meet the MSC Fisheries Standard.

  • Reviewing the efficacy of existing stock management measures
  • Developing and implementing on-board monitoring systems
  • Promoting better awareness of fisheries management regulations 

Start date: April 2023


Transition Assistance Fund


Tai Foong USA


Mexican Sonora brown shrimp bottom trawl

Progress on the path to sustainability

The Sonora shrimp fishery is one of Mexico’s most valuable fisheries so ensuring it is managed sustainably is critical.

The fishery has made significant progress towards sustainability in recent years, including the development of stock assessment protocols. However, further improvements are needed to meet the requirements of the MSC Fisheries Standard.

The fishery is committed to achieving MSC certification and has been verified through the In-Transition to MSC program. Support from the Transition Assistance Fund will enable the fishery to make the improvements required.

“As a company committed to sustainability and responsible sourcing, we believe this [MSC] assessment is an important step towards ensuring the fishery’s long-term health and viability”

Víctor Vargas

In-Transition to MSC Project Implementor for the Mexican Pacific brown shrimp fishery
Trawling boat seen from behind with nets stretched out on either side and mountain on the horizon

© Irma Trejo Lemus

Sustainable stock management

Existing management measures for the brown shrimp stock will be evaluated and improved where necessary. This includes reviewing the stock population status and harvest control rules, which define how the fishery should respond to changes in stock status.

Monitoring interactions with endangered species

An on-board monitoring program will be developed and implemented to gather data on catch and interactions with all target and non-target species, including endangered, threatened, and protected species. This will improve understanding of the fishery’s impacts on the target stock and wider ocean habitats and ecosystems.

Raising awareness of regulations

A campaign will run before and during the fishing season to ensure fishers and fishery managers are aware of the regulations needed for the fishery to operate sustainably. This includes ensuring the correct gear type is used and is operated correctly to ensure impacts are reduced. Fishery authorities and other stakeholders will also attend workshops to identify and design specific short and long-term fishery sustainability indicators.